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name: Christina
aliases:Trish, Cece, Baby, 2nekked.
age: 18 years old.
ethnicity: vietnamese, french, and more.
hair color: black with natural brown highlights.
eye color: dark brown.
height: 5'0 ft. (damnit.)
weight: 103 lbs.
education: some college.
major: website technologies (may change to music).
habitat: california.
born in: vietnam, but raised in france.
specialties: piano, singing, dancing, and designing.
likes: Strawberries, mangos, chocolate, milkshakes, ice cream, italian, chinese, jpop/kpop, martial arts, black eyeliner, peachy-pink lipgloss, music, dance, art, and a great multitude of things.
dislikes: a greater multitude of things.
My full name is Christina Y Nhi Pham, but most people on the web know me as Trish, or "2nekked."

i'm the founder and administrator of the online forum and community, cliquemb.com, and also the webmistress of raw-intent.net.

i'm 18 year's old, going into my second year of college, and currently majoring in website technologies. however, hopefully after next semester, i will change my major to music.

there's nothing really special about me... my interest in art started when i was very young, but i was suffocated by a family that frowned upon self expression.around the age of 15, i turned to the world wide web as a creative outlet; a world away from the pressures of academic and family responsibilities.

i'm experienced mostly in webdesigning and vector art, but am proficient in most webprogramming languages and other forms of digital art. my style is trendy but unique at the same time. i strive to stand out from the rest and to always improve.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005: New Look

So as you can see, I redid the layout on here. Pretty snazzy, right? might look a teensy bit unaligned on firefox, but theres nothing i can do about it right now. (eventually).

If any of you Bostonians read this; me and white boi are no longer dating. I was pretty sad about it for a while, but i think I'm over it now... at least most of it. I am, however, dating J now... we've known each other forever, and we both thought this might be an opportunity that we shouldnt let pass us by. It's a little more complicated than that, but I'm not going to waste time writing about it again. If you want to know more, take a look at some of the older entries in my personal blog. (http://nemesis.sickversity.com)

my forum has been doing a little better... been putting some competitive spirit into the members lately, so i think it's been making them more active. i also launched some new tshirt designs for the shop... if you havent joined clique yet, then do so now. (http://cliquemb.com)

i got a hair cut a while ago.. more of a trim, really, but i think it's actually grown out again already. insane, right? my hair grows too fast and my roots are nasty, but i dont want to fix the color yet.

my vectors have been getting a lot better. sort of changed my technique a little, and i've been getting good input so far.